Tax credit renewal deadline

Tax credit renewal deadline
The deadline for renewing tax credits is usually 31 July, unless your renewal pack gives you a different deadline.  You cannot renew until you have received your renewal pack.

If you miss the deadline your tax credits payments will stop. You’ll be sent a statement and will have to pay back the tax credits you’ve been given since 6 April.
Your payments will start again and will be backdated to 6 April if you send your renewal within 30 days of getting the statement.

You’ll usually need to make a new claim if you don’t respond within 30 days of getting the statement.

What you need

You’ll need:

  • your renewal pack
  • your National Insurance number
  • details about any changes to your circumstances
  • your total income (including your partner’s) for the last tax year
  • telephone renewals only - your Tax Credit Helpline password (if you have one)
  • online renewals only - the 15 digit number on the bottom right of your annual declaration

  • Telephone: 0345 300 3900
Advice on tax credits, including telling HMRC about any changes to your circumstances (for example, change of address, changes in your job or salary) or making a complaint.

For further information, visit

If you are in receipt of tax credits and normally file a self-assessment tax return you need to provide your accountant or agent with your information well in advance of the renewal date.  This will ensure you have the figures required when completing your tax credit renewal form or submitting it to HMRC online.

If you need any advice on your tax return please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email or call us on 0115 956 9452. 

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