Could you be entitled to tax free childcare?

Could you be entitled to tax free childcare?
From the 14th of February 2018, the government have introduced a new way to help busy parents with the costs of childcare.

The government have now increased the age limit for tax-free childcare from 4 to 15 years old, so more families  can be entitled to receive support. If you’re a working parent with a child or children aged between 0-15 (16 if disabled) then you could be eligible.

Up to 70% of childcare costs would be covered with this scheme. Depending on your income, you could receive a maximum of £122.50 per week for one child and £210 for two or more children.

Employed parents can open an online account on the dedicated Childcare Choices website. For every £8 paid into the account, the government will add £2. This could equate up to £2000 a year per child or £4000 for the parents of disabled children.

The money from this account can then be used to pay for childcare from registered:

·      Childminders

·      Nurseries and Nannies

·      After school clubs and play schemes

·      Schools

·      Home care workers from a registered home care agency

Even if you are self-employed or not working, you might still be eligible for tax-free childcare. You may also be eligible for other childcare benefits from the government such as 15 or 30 hours free childcare.

For more information visit the Childcare Choices website or feel free to give us a call on 0115 956 9452 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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