Payroll is becoming more complex and time consuming to manage.  As it can be expensive to run in-house, many businesses are choosing to outsource this administrative burden.
Keeping the confidentiality of this sensitive aspect of the business away from the workplace will allow you more free time to concentrate on running your business.

How can Marshall Smalley Accountants help you?

All you need to do is advise us of the gross pay for a weekly or monthly pay period. Some businesses prefer to run a mixture of monthly and weekly payrolls.

Our complete payroll bureau service works in unison with you.  We will:

• Calculate the net pay, supply you with pay slips and advise you on how much PAYE and NIC to pay to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

• Prepare all necessary forms, for example P45s when an employee leaves.

• Prepare end of year returns, P35 and P60s/P14s and file these online with HMRC in advance of the statutory deadlines.

• Provide ongoing and ad-hoc support for all your wage queries.

• Advise you of changes to the National Minimum wage and ensure your business complies with the current legislation.

• Perform PAYE/NIC health check reviews prior to a control visit.

• Prepare forms P11d and calculate the relevant class 1a NIC liability.

• Advise you in relation to the payroll implications of IR35.

• Advise you as a director or directors on tax efficient remuneration planning.

In addition to time saved on processing costs and the value of receiving timely, up-to-date advice, choosing to outsource this aspect of your business usually saves you money plus we will make sure that you pay no more PAYE/NIC tax than you have to.

What’s your next step?

If you would like to find out more about how we can help then please get in touch and one of our Qualified Partners will contact you to discuss your needs further:

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