Value Added Tax (VAT) is possibly the most complicated of all the taxes. It is 'policed' most vigorously by the relevant tax authority if you get it wrong. Calculating and disclosing your VAT liability to HMRC is achieved by completing normal monthly, quarterly or annual VAT returns.  
VAT calculations can be prone to an investigation by the HMRC so you may wish to opt for our fee protection insurance and seek our advice and assistance to calculate the net VAT position enabling you to rest assured that you will not pay any more VAT than necessary. 

How can Marshall Smalley Accountants help you?

We have established a core of expertise in this area to enable us to advise you on all VAT matters.

The VAT areas where you may need assistance, depending on your individual circumstances could include:

• Assistance with VAT Registration or De-registration

• Preparation of quarterly VAT returns and provision of bookkeeping services

• Preparation of monthly management accounts

• VAT advisory service in relation to specific circumstances

• Preparation of a VAT control visit and individual support during such an examination

We also complete all the necessary paperwork and liaise with HMRC on your behalf as required.

What’s your next step?

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